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Welcome to NewEdge Technology, a trusted provider of cutting-edge facility management system solutions. Our advanced software is designed to streamline operations, improve maintenance processes, and maximize productivity within your facility. Discover the power of our customizable facility management system and unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Choose NewEdge Technology's Facility Management System?

NewEdge Technology Facility Management System
Comprehensive Facility Management

Our facility management system offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to effectively manage your facility. From asset tracking and maintenance planning to space utilization and energy management, our solution covers all aspects of facility operations.

NewEdge Technology Customizable Scalable

Customizable and


We understand that every facility has unique requirements. Our facility management system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. As your facility grows, our scalable solution can easily accommodate expanding operations and evolving demands.
NewEdge Technology Streamlined Operations



With our facility management system, you can streamline operations by centralizing data, automating processes, and improving collaboration. Gain real-time visibility into facility performance, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions for enhanced efficiency.

NewEdge Technology Maintenance Optimization



Effectively manage maintenance activities with our system's advanced features. Schedule preventive maintenance, track work orders, and monitor asset performance to minimize downtime, extend equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs.
NewEdge Technology Maximize Productivity

Maximize Productivity

Our facility management system empowers your team to work more efficiently. Simplify task management, improve communication, and provide easy access to information. By maximizing productivity, you can enhance overall facility performance and achieve better outcomes.

Experience Efficient Facility Management with NewEdge Technology

Unlock the full potential of your facility with NewEdge Technology's advanced facility management system. Our customizable solution is designed to streamline operations, improve maintenance processes, and maximize productivity. Experience the benefits of efficient facility management and drive your business forward.
Efficient Facility Management With NewEdge Technology
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Our Facility Management System Offerings
Asset Tracking and Management
Effectively track and manage assets across your facility. Monitor asset utilization, maintenance schedules, and lifecycle to optimize resource allocation and improve asset performance.
Maintenance Planning and Work Orders
Streamline maintenance operations with our planning and work order management features. Schedule preventive maintenance, assign tasks, track progress, and ensure timely completion of work orders.
Space Utilization and Planning
Optimize space utilization within your facility. Gain insights into space occupancy, plan layouts, and allocate resources efficiently. Enhance workplace productivity and make informed decisions about space allocation.
Energy Management and Sustainability
Monitor and manage energy consumption to reduce costs and enhance sustainability. Our system helps you track energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategies to optimize energy consumption.
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