Environmental Sustainability
By adopting our smart streetlights, cities contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint. The energy-efficient LED technology, coupled with intelligent controls and optimized energy consumption, helps conserve resources, and promote a greener, more eco-friendly urban environment.
New Edge Environmental Sustainability
NewEdge Technology's Smart Street Lights
Transform your city's lighting infrastructure with NewEdge Technology's Smart Street Lights
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Key Features Of NewEdge Technology
Energy Efficiency

Our smart streetlights are equipped with energy-efficient LED technology, significantly reducing power consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions. By leveraging intelligent controls and dimming capabilities, our lights ensure optimal energy usage, resulting in substantial cost savings for municipalities and a greener environment for all.

Intelligent Lighting Controls
Our smart streetlights are integrated with state-of-the-art sensors and control systems, enabling automatic adjustments based on ambient light levels. This feature ensures that the lights are at their brightest during low-light conditions, such as at night or in adverse weather, and dimmed during daylight hours, conserving energy without compromising safety.
Motion Detection and Adaptive Lighting
With built-in motion sensors, our smart streetlights detect movement in their vicinity and dynamically adjust the illumination levels. This responsive lighting approach not only enhances safety and security but also helps reduce energy wastage by illuminating areas only when needed.
CCTV Camera Integration
Our smart streetlights are equipped with high-quality CCTV cameras, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities in urban areas. These cameras capture real-time footage, providing an additional layer of safety for pedestrians and motorists. The integration of CCTV cameras into the streetlights eliminates the need for separate camera installations, streamlining infrastructure and reducing costs.
Remote Monitoring and Management
Our smart streetlights are connected to a centralized management system, allowing remote monitoring and control. Municipal authorities can easily monitor the status of each light, detect faults or outages in real-time, and swiftly dispatch maintenance teams for prompt resolution. This proactive approach ensures that streets always remain well-lit and safe for pedestrians and motorists.
Data Analytics and Insights
Our smart streetlights generate valuable data about lighting patterns, energy consumption, and environmental conditions. By leveraging advanced analytics, municipalities can gain actionable insights to optimize street lighting strategies, identify maintenance needs, and make data-driven decisions for future urban planning.
Future-Ready and Scalable
NewEdge Technology's smart streetlights are designed to be future-ready and easily scalable to accommodate emerging technologies. They can be seamlessly integrated with smart city frameworks, enabling the deployment of additional functionalities like smart parking, traffic monitoring, and environmental sensing.
Smart Street Lights

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Revolutionize the way your city illuminates its streets with our cutting-edge smart streetlights with CCTV Camera. Our advanced lighting solutions not only provide efficient and reliable illumination but also offer a host of intelligent features designed to enhance safety, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall urban management.
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